Our Pitch

Bremore All Weather facility measures length by width meters and functions as both a full size Soccer and GAA pitch. Marked with different colour lines for each sport. The facility has the use of full size GAA goals*, soccer goals as well as junior GAA goals. The pitch is certified as a 2 Star FIFA facility and meets the GAA performance standard so is suitable for competitive matches.

When available the pitch can be rented as a full facility, but is also available to rent as a half pitch or quarter pitch with details outlined below. When using different configurations, please bear in mind that there are no physical dividers between the areas so it is important to respect the space and safety of other groups who may be using it.

Pricing for renting are available on our prices page.

Quarter Pitch

A quarter pitch measures 75 by 45 metres and is approximately the size of a 9-a-side soccer pitch. It is our most popular configuration for renting. It is suitable for a 11-a-side soccer team for training or two 7-a-side teams.

The use of the full size GAA goals is not available while using a quarter pitch configuration.

   Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 14.34.50

Half Pitch

A half pitch measures 75 by 90 metres and is approximately the size of a 11-a-side soccer pitch. There is ample room for 2 adult 11-a-side squads for training sessions, or 3 schoolboy 9-a-side or 11-a-side teams for training.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 14.39.39

Full Pitch

A full pitch measures 150 by 90 metres and is ideal for either competitive soccer or GAA matches. Availability for full pitch slots will be limited.

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